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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In the province of La Coruña

...lies the town of Santa Comba, about 35 kms northwest of Santiago. My monster panels were finally installed in the church of San Pedro in the center of this town. The simple, austere church was built in the 50s (I was told) and is of a modern design with a single aisle down the center and pews on the left and right. It seems wider than it is deeper, and the sanctuary area only used to  hold a large Crucifix on a blank, white wall. I had to go over and do the final touches and retouches after the installation of the panels which took two whole days. This is what the two paintings look like in situ:

...and a couple of shots of the retouching in progress. Shouldn´t be afraid of heights anymore after this, I guess...

Santiago is one of my favourite cities in Spain, lovely at night when it rains...

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  1. Wonderful, Carlos! I would love to see this in person! Congratulations!