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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Five months later...

I´ve been so conscious about the almost five month lull since the last post that I´ve just been hoping no one has come to visit this blog to notice my inactivity. "Inactivity" is actually the antithesis of what´s been going on...
After the initial installation of my monster panels in Sta. Comba, a problem arose in the second panel that required a solution. The solution being nothing short of repeating the panel...well, half the panel. The lower half. The one with all the figures.
Long story short, I re-painted it changing some details (I decided to include some friends as Apostles and change the color of Christ´s robe) and we finally installed the re-done half in the church last August 23rd.
Here is the panel in the workshop upon completion.  

...and this is how the whole altarpiece now looks. At first glance, the only difference is the color of Christ´s robe. It is only upon closer comparison that the other faces become evident as well as the treatment of the foreground, having added the Roman pavement and changed the large rock on the lower right somewhat. All in all, I am much happier with this second version -- there seems to be better overall chromatic harmony now and the predominant lines in each panel seem to converge towards the centerpiece more as well. I don´t know, just something I notice...

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