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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Humble Pie

I´ve recently tasted humble pie. In Rome. Goes quite well with the espresso and gelato and all that...

It´s not everyday that one gets to have something as awe-inspiring, harmoniously beautiful and just simply overwhelming in front of one´s eyes. It can be a completely humbling experience as well, and even more so, to try a very feeble attempt to record this experience down with paper and pencil. Of course, I tried this a couple of weeks ago while on a visit to Rome and sitting along Bernini´s colonnade looking at The Basilica. Here are my attempts: the first two done on site, first with pencil, then with a Pilot pen and graphite. The third is the result of a 30-minute watercolor session in the studio working from photographs taken while there. Like I said, feeble. But I had fun. I´m willing to bet old Buonarroti, Bramante and Bernini didn´t have as much fun as I had.

I also tried doing some doodles in my sketchbook inside the Sistine but was told it was not allowed.
I´ll have to try again... when there´s no one.......

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