Still Life

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Patience Pill

...if there was a pill for impatience, this would be it. It´s all about timing.
...2 years into it and only a handful of decent results.
...handmade, no electric mixers...completely "manu"-factured
Yesterday´s bread:

...sourdough boules. Natural leavening, from a sourdough culture I started last summer and have been able to keep alive till now. This is what another loaf turned out like a few weeks ago:´s therapy...also gratifying to know that what you´re eating wasn´t bought from a store...
The Fresh Loaf is a good forum for amateur bread makers...and so is Madrid Tiene Miga


  1. Hello Again! I have attached a "boule" recipe from another Filipino Food Blogger(also pretty good photographer!) - Ivory Hut. She hasn't posted anything since June 2011. Not quite sure what has happened. But ayway, here's the bread! It is with active dry yeast, thought I am sure that it will be fine with your sour dough starter.

  2. Thanks for the link...!
    I´ve never seen active dry over here. Only the IDY variety. Same thing, basically, only differs in proportion. I´ll post a link to the recipe I use soon...
    Thanks again!