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Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Tall Order

...8 meters tall. Seven point nine meters, actually, but tall enough. I´ve been working on this monster for the past 5 weeks now. Alternating this activity with my other life. Sometime before last summer I was asked to submit compositional studies in oil for two possible paintings that were to go to a church up in northwest Spain. The studies were approved and after a long wait I finally began work on the giant panel last January 30th. This is the first of two, both panels measure 8 meters high and about 3+ meters wide. Both will depict Biblical scenes with multiple figures. I´ve been given a ridiculous deadline, so we´ll see how this all turns out. These are some progress shots from the priming of the panel to the finished (?) painting...just a quick run-through. I´ll try and post some close-ups and details on another day.

...the design and composition were basically mine, with some modifications suggested by the client. This was my original oil study:

...I´ll spare the reader and skip the other WIP shots. These are the essential ones:

...and the "finished" work....not really sure how I pulled this off in just 5 weeks ...seems unreal, but they are cracking the whip:

Next week I´m starting work on the second panel.........

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